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Epsten Grinnell & Howell is a leading Southern California law firm whose practice is dedicated to the complex field of community association law. More than 4,000 homeowners’ associations (HOAs) have selected our knowledgeable, effective and skilled attorneys. Since 1986, we have provided common interest developments with corporate counsel, rapid assessment recovery services, construction defect and other civil litigation counsel, interpretation of fair housing issues and alternative dispute resolution assistance.


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Celebrating 30 Years: 1986-2016

It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year. Although Jon Epsten, Doug Grinnell and many of our staff have been in the industry for well over 30 years, it was on July 7th, 1986 that our firm was officially formed as a corporation in the County of San Diego. […]


Insurance Renewals & Notices of Facts Which May Lead to a Claim

By Jon H. Epsten, Esq. & Mary M. Howell, Esq. We are seeing with more frequency associations either carelessly completing insurance renewal applications, or allowing an uninformed insurance agent or broker to complete the application form for new or renewed insurance, without making sufficient inquires of the board and management about actual or potential claims. […]


Recall Elections to Remove Directors

By: Jodi A. Konorti, Esq. Few actions within a community association create more angst, anxiety and anger than the receipt of a petition to recall (or remove) one or more members of the board of directors. Recalls can be highly emotional, confrontational and divisive, and their ramifications can last for years. While recalls are sometimes […]


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