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As a community association manager, very often you are the board's most-utilized resource, helping the board understand and fulfill its obligations. Your responsibilities are broad-ranging, requiring you to preserve and maintain the community's facilities and assets, manage the budget, assess and collect dues, engage in contract negotiations and myriad other tasks the board must complete in the average year.  To perform this very important role, you need access to clear information on current,laws, strategies and policies for dealing with conflict in the community, and practical advice on community operations.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we encourage you to use this website to stay up to date on the issues.  We are focused on providing you with the most current support, and welcome your comments on topics you encounter in your work.

Please take time to review the content of the Educational Resources and Case Law and Legislative Resources sections of this website. They are important sources of information on the emerging issues in community association management.

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