Civil Code §1102.6c. Mandatory Disclosure Notice-Property Taxes

California Civil Code  >  Civil Code §1102.6c. Mandatory Disclosure Notice-Property Taxes
(a) In addition to any other disclosure required pursuant to this article, it shall be the sole responsibility of the seller of any real property subject to this article, or his or her agent, to deliver to the prospective purchaser a disclosure notice that includes both of the following:
(1) A notice, in at least 12-point type or a contrasting color, as follows:
“California property tax law requires the Assessor to revalue real property at the time the ownership of the property changes. Because of this law, you may receive one or two supplemental tax bills, depending on when your loan closes.
The supplemental tax bills are not mailed to your lender. If you have arranged for your property tax payments to be paid through an impound account, the supplemental tax bills will not be paid by your lender. It is your responsibility to pay these supplemental bills directly to the Tax Collector.
If you have any question concerning this matter, please call your local Tax Collector’s Office.”
(2) A title, in at least 14-point type or a contrasting color, that reads as follows: “Notice of Your ‘Supplemental’ Property Tax Bill.”
(b) The disclosure notice requirements of this section may be satisfied by delivering a disclosure notice pursuant to Section 1102.6b that satisfies the requirements of subdivision (a). [2005]

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