Bus. & Prof. Code §11211. Purposes of Act

California Business and Professions Code  >  Bus. & Prof. Code §11211. Purposes of Act
 The purposes of this chapter are to do all of the following:
(a) Provide full and fair disclosure to the purchasers and prospective purchasers of time-share plans.
(b) Require certain time-share plans offered for sale or created and existing in this state to be subject to the provisions of this chapter.
(c) Recognize that the tourism industry in this state is a vital part of the state’s economy; that the sale, promotion, and use of time-share plans is an emerging, distinct segment of the tourism industry; that this segment of the tourism industry continues to grow, both in volume of sales and in complexity and variety of product structures; and that a uniform and consistent method of regulation is necessary in order to safeguard California’s tourism industry and the state’s economic well-being.
(d) In order to protect the quality of California time-share plans and the consumers who purchase them, it is the intent of the Legislature that this chapter be interpreted broadly in order to encompass all forms of time-share plans with a duration of at least three years that are created with respect to accommodations that are located in the state or that are offered for sale in the state, including, but not limited to, condominiums, cooperatives, vacation clubs, and multisite vacation plans.
(e) It is the intent of the Legislature that this chapter not be interpreted to preempt the application of, the enforcement of, or alter the standards of, the general consumer protection laws of this state set forth in Sections 17200 to 17209, inclusive, and Sections 17500 to 17539.1, inclusive, of the Business and Professions Code. [2004]

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