Bus. & Prof. Code §11237. Disclosure Statement for Incidental Benefit

California Business and Professions Code  >  Bus. & Prof. Code §11237. Disclosure Statement for Incidental Benefit
 (a) If a purchaser of a time-share interest in a time-share plan is offered the opportunity to acquire an incidental benefit in connection with the sale of a time-share interest, the developer shall provide the purchaser with a disclosure statement containing all of the following information:
(1) A general description of the incidental benefit, including the terms and conditions governing the use of the incidental benefit.
(2) A statement that the continued availability of the incidental benefit is not necessary for the use and enjoyment of the purchaser’s use of any accommodation of the time-share plan.
(3) A statement that the purchaser’s use of or participation in the incidental benefit is completely voluntary, and payment of any fee or other cost associated with the incidental benefit is required only upon that use or participation.
(4) A listing of the fees, if any, that the purchaser will be required to pay to use the incidental benefit.
(5) A statement that no costs of acquisition, operation, maintenance, or repair of the incidental benefit shall be passed on to purchasers of time-share interests in the time-share plan as a common expense of the time-share plan.
(b) A developer shall include in its initial application for registration, a description of any incidental benefits which may be used by the developer. The developer may, but shall not be required to describe the incidental benefits in the public report for the time-share plan.
(c) The incidental benefit disclosure is not required to be filed with the commissioner prior to the use of the disclosure. However, the commissioner may request and review the records of the developer to ensure that the incidental benefit disclosure required by this section has been given to purchasers and to ensure that the statements required to be made in the disclosure are accurate as to the operation of each incidental benefit offered by the developer. The developer shall deliver the records to the commissioner within 10 business days of the commissioner’s request. [2004]

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