Bus. & Prof. Code §11238. The Purchase Contract

California Business and Professions Code  >  Bus. & Prof. Code §11238. The Purchase Contract
 (a) The purchase contract entered into by any person who has made an offer to purchase a time-share interest or interests, any incidental benefit, made on the same day or within seven calendar days after the person attended a sales presentation for a time-share interest, or any right under an exchange program, made on the same day or within seven calendar days after the person attended a sales presentation for a time-share interest, shall be voidable by the purchaser, without penalty, within seven calendar days, or a longer period as provided in the contract, after the receipt of the public report or the execution of the purchase contract, whichever is later.
(1) The purchase contract for the time-share interest shall provide notice of the seven-day cancellation period, together with the name and mailing address to which any notice of cancellation shall be delivered.
(2) Notice of cancellation shall be deemed timely if given not later than midnight of the seventh calendar day.
(b) A person who has made an offer to purchase a time-share interest, incidental benefit, or rights under an exchange program as described above may exercise the right of cancellation granted by this section by giving written notification of the notice to cancel to the developer at the place of business designated by the developer in the purchase contract.
(c) If the notice of cancellation is by United States mail, a rebuttable presumption shall exist that notice was given on the date that it is postmarked. If the notice is sent by facsimile, it shall be considered given on the date of a confirmed transmission. If the notice is by means of a writing sent other than by United States mail or telegraph, it shall be considered as given at the time of delivery at the place of business designated by the developer. Exercising the rescission rights of the time-share interest shall also automatically rescind any agreement for the purchase of an incidental benefit or an enrollment into an exchange program where the agreements were entered into in conjunction with the purchase of the time-share interest.
(d) Each developer shall utilize and furnish each purchaser with a fully completed and executed copy of a contract pertaining to the sale of a time-share interest, which contract shall include the following information:
(1) The actual date the contract is executed by each party.
(2) The names and addresses of the developer and time-share plan.
(3) The initial purchase price and any additional recurring or nonrecurring charges, or a good faith estimate if the amount of those charges cannot then be determined, that the purchaser will be required to pay in connection with the purchase of the time-share interest, including, but not limited to, the current year’s annual assessment for common expenses and financing charges.
(4) The estimated date of completion of construction of each accommodation promised to be completed which is not completed at the time the contract is executed.
(5) A brief description of the nature and duration of the time-share interest being sold, including whether any interest in real property is being conveyed.
(6) The specific number of years of the term of the time-share plan.
(7) Immediately prior to the space reserved in the contract for the signature of the purchaser, the developer shall disclose, in conspicuous type, substantially the following notice of cancellation:    You may cancel this contract without any penalty or obligation within seven calendar days of receipt of the public report or after the date you sign this contract, whichever date is later. If you decide to cancel this contract, you must notify the developer in writing of your intent to cancel. Your notice of cancellation shall be effective upon the date sent and shall be sent to (name of developer) at (address of developer). Your notice of cancellation may also be sent by facsimile to (facsimile number of the developer) or by hand-delivery. Any attempt to obtain a waiver of your cancellation right is void and of no effect.
(8) The purchase contract for an interest in a single site or specific time-share interest multisite time-share plan without an accommodation in this state shall include the following additional disclosure in conspicuous type:   The accommodations of this time-share plan are located outside of California. As such, the management (including all matters relating to the association, the association budget, and any management contract) of this time-share plan is not governed by California law, but by the applicable law, if any, of the jurisdiction in which the accommodations are located as stated in the public report. You should review the governing documents related to the association, the association’s budget, and the management of the time-share plan.
(e) If rescission is sought by the purchaser in accordance with this section, and a court finds the developer denied the rescission in violation of this section, the court may also award reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs to the prevailing purchaser. [2006]

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