Code Civ. Proc. §116.120. Legislative Findings and Declarations

California Code of Civil Procedure  >   Code Civ. Proc. §116.120. Legislative Findings and Declarations
 The Legislature hereby finds and declares as follows:
(a) Individual minor civil disputes are of special importance to the parties and of significant social and economic consequence collectively.
(b) In order to resolve minor civil disputes expeditiously, inexpensively, and fairly, it is essential to provide a judicial forum accessible to all parties directly involved in resolving these disputes.
(c) The small claims divisions have been established to provide a forum to resolve minor civil disputes, and for that reason constitute a fundamental element in the administration of justice and the protection of the rights and property of individuals.
(d) The small claims divisions, the provisions of this chapter, and the rules of the Judicial Council regarding small claims actions shall operate to ensure that the convenience of parties and witnesses who are individuals shall prevail, to the extent possible, over the convenience of any other parties or witnesses. [1998]

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