Health & Saf. Code §25915.5. Asbestos; Notice to Building Co-owners; Immunity from Liability

California Health & Safety Code  >   Health & Saf. Code §25915.5. Asbestos; Notice to Building Co-owners; Immunity from Liability
(a) An owner required to give notice to employees pursuant to this chapter, in addition to notifying his or her employees, shall mail, in accordance with this subdivision, a copy of that notice to all other persons who are owners of the building or part of the building, with whom the owner has privity of contract. Receipt of a notice pursuant to this section by an owner, lessee, or operator shall constitute knowledge that the building contains asbestos-containing construction materials for purposes of this chapter. Notice to an owner shall be delivered by first-class mail addressed to the person and at the address designated for the receipt of notices under the lease, rental agreement, or contract with the owner.
 (b) The delivery of notice under this section or negligent failure to provide that notice shall not constitute a breach of any covenant under the lease or rental agreement, and nothing in this chapter enlarges or diminishes any rights or duties respecting constructive eviction.
 (c) No owner who, in good faith, complies with the provisions of this section shall be liable to any other owner for any damages alleged to have resulted from his or her compliance with the provisions of this section.
 (d) This section shall not be construed to apply to owners of a building or part of a building within a residential common interest development or association, if the owners comply with the provisions of subdivision (d) of Section 25915.2. For purposes of this section, “association” and “common interest development” are defined in Sections 4080 and 4100 of the Civil Code. [2012]

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