Civil Code §5715. Right of Redemption after Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sale

California Civil Code  >   Part 5. Common Interest Developments (Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act)  >  Chapter 8. Assessments and Assessment Collection  > Article 3. Assessment Collection  >  Civil Code §5715. Right of Redemption after Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sale
(a) Notwithstanding any law or any provisions of the governing documents to the contrary, this section shall apply to debts for assessments that arise on and after January 1, 2006.
(b) A nonjudicial foreclosure by an association to collect upon a debt for delinquent assessments shall be subject to a right of redemption. The redemption period within which the separate interest may be redeemed from a foreclosure sale under this paragraph ends 90 days after the sale. In addition to the requirements of Section 2924f, a notice of sale in connection with an association’s foreclosure of a separate interest in a common interest development shall include a statement that the property is being sold subject to the right of redemption created in this section. [2012 – Based on former §1367.4(a),(c)&(c)(4)]

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