Cal. Code Reg. §65533. Public Pool Cleanliness.

California Code of Regulations (Cal. Code Reg.): Title 22 – Social Security  >   Cal. Code Reg. §65533. Public Pool Cleanliness

(a) The pool operator shall maintain clean pool water while the public pool is in use. The pool operator shall not allow debris, including, but not limited to, floating scum, sputum, trash, or leaves, to accumulate in the public pool. The pool operator shall ensure that water levels are maintained and operated to remove such material continuously through the pool skimming system in accordance with section 3136B, Title 24, California Code of Regulations.

(b) The pool operator shall clean the bottom, sides, and other surfaces of the public pool as often as necessary to keep the bottom, sides, and public pool surfaces clean and free of slime and algae.