Civil Code §6566. “Stock Cooperative” – Defined

California Civil Code  >   Commercial & Industrial Common Interest Development Act  >  Chapter 1. General Provisions  > Article 2. Definitions  >  Civil Code §6566. “Stock Cooperative” – Defined
“Stock cooperative” means a development in which a corporation is formed or availed of, primarily for the purpose of holding title to, either in fee simple or for a term of years, improved real property, and all or substantially all of the shareholders of the corporation receive a right of exclusive occupancy in a portion of the real property, title to which is held by the corporation. The owners’ interest in the corporation, whether evidenced by a share of stock, a certificate of membership, or otherwise, shall be deemed to be an interest in a common interest development and a real estate development for purposes of subdivision (f) of Section 25100 of the Corporations Code. [2013 – Based on former §1351(m)]

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