Civil Code §943. Statute Authorizes Only Methods for Asserting Claims

California Civil Code  >  Civil Code §943. Statute Authorizes Only Methods for Asserting Claims
 (a) Except as provided in this title, no other cause of action for a claim covered by this title or for damages recoverable under Section 944 is allowed. In addition to the rights under this title, this title does not apply to any action by a claimant to enforce a contract or express contractual provision, or any action for fraud, personal injury, or violation of a statute. Damages awarded for the items set forth in Section 944 in such other cause of action shall be reduced by the amounts recovered pursuant to Section 944 for violation of the standards set forth in this title.
(b) As to any claims involving a detached single-family home, the homeowner’s right to the reasonable value of repairing any nonconformity is limited to the repair costs, or the diminution in current value of the home caused by the nonconformity, whichever is less, subject to the personal use exception as developed under common law. [2003]

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