An association must provide notice to owners and non-owner residents of the project of the presence of asbestos. See California Health & Safety Code Sections 25915 et seq. There is some ambiguity regarding the applicability of the statutes. Sections 25915 through 25919.7 are part of Chapter 10.4 of the Health & Safety Code. Section 25919.2 states in part that “‘Building,’ as used in this chapter, means all or part of any ‘public and commercial building,’ … except that ‘building’ shall not mean residential dwellings.” However, Section 25915.2(d), also part of this chapter, states in part that other subparagraphs in Section 25915.2 “shall not be construed to require owners of a building or part of a building within a residential common interest development to mail written notification to other owners of a building or part of a building within the residential common interest development,” if certain conditions are met. The implication is that these requirements do apply in residential developments if the conditions are not met, or that a community association must meet the conditions when there is asbestos in a common interest development. Although there may be an ambiguity, we believe associations are better protected by following the requirements of Section 25915.2.

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