CACM Law Seminar & Expo – Cheers to 30 Years!

“A Toast to…”

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the 2022 CACM Law Seminar & Expo.  We loved seeing you in-person after two long years and “toasting” with you to celebrate!

We hope you enjoy all of the toasts from our fellow colleagues… Cheers!

“Never cross-pollenating legal opinions” – Marybeth O. Green, Seabreeze Management Company  **WINNER**

“Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to Epsten for keeping HOA free (of lawsuits)” – Therese McLaughlin, Phonc Professional HOA Consultants, Inc. **WINNER**

“CACM” – Lisa C. Terry, TOTAL Property Management, Inc.

“Educated Managers & Management Companies” – Loni Peterson, Solera Oak Valley Greens Association

“Jon Epsten” – Mindy Dent, The Management Trust

“Kindness” – Karina Reta, Powerstone Property Management

“Everything good” – Amanda Nevarez, Powerstone Property Management

“A happy life” – Maxwell G. Cawthon, Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc.

“Covid because it brought out the best in people and it tested our strength” – Laura Hurtado, Meissner Commercial Real Estate Services

“End of the pandemic” – Shahla Agha, Powerstone Property Management

“To all the hard working managers” – Claudia Sitta, Professional Community Management

“Epsten, wishing you all the best” – Therese Chrzan, Castle Breckenridge

“Drinking!” – Megan Daniel, Powerstone Property Management

“My village” – Brianna Miers, Powerstone Property Management

“Being able to pivot!” – Devon Nichols, Powerstone Property Management

“Living in the moment” –  Aly Lopez, First Service Residential

“Good things to come in 2022” – Samantha Lacy, Powerstone Property Management

“Seeing everyone in person” – Steven M. Cammarata, Cammarata Management, Inc.

“Cheers to an amazing year” – Wendy Mullens, Balboa Management Group

“Happy Friday” – Marlena Martinez, The Management Trust

“Freedom” – Megan Daniel, Powerstone Property Management

“Lets continue to keep an open and honest outlook with everyone we meet” – Cheryl Weepie-Garcia, Huntington West Properties, Inc.

“All Managers” – Michelle Mata, The Management Trust

“Cheers! The pandemic is over!” – Joann Pucello, Phonc Professional HOA Consultants, Inc.

“May the road of happiness lead you to beautiful things!” – Linda Sanchez, Ross Morgan & Company, Inc.

“Another 30 years!” – Gerard K. O’Donnell, Interpacific Asset Management

“CACM may the next 30 years be as great as the last 30 years!” – Antoinette Stratton, Balboa Management Group

“Good riddens Covid-19” – Valerie Vanhorn, Walters Management

“New friends, starting all over, and all that attended today” – Cynthia Solis, Jenkins Real Estate and Property Management

“Boards, managers, and vendors all working together to achieve quality in the communities” – Laurel Dial, Consensys Property Management

“Emily and her amazing fam” – Meredith Leatherman, Albert Management, Inc.

“To CACM’s 30 years and to the next 30 years of great services and education” – Robert Muratalla, Professional Community Management

“Getting together after Covid” – Cari Burleigh, Seabreeze Management Company

“The resilience and courage of the American people” – Marina C. Masar, Dynamic Property Group

“Gathering again, mask free” – Roseanne Zemming, Cannon Management

“Friends, family & Jenkins” – Charla Duncan, Jenkins Real Estate & Property Management

“Happy 30th!” – Kaylynn Hudson, The Management Trust

“Life! It is too short, live it today before it is gone & smile” – Stephanie Schumann, The Management Trust

“Epsten!” – Brian C. Blackwell, West Coast HOA Management Firm, Inc.

“Finally being all together again” – Heather Panek, Cannon Management

“To old friends” – George Gallanes, Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc.

“It’s all going to be ok!” – Jessica Williams, The Prescott Companies

“Happy dirty 30!” – Paola Scrimsher, The Prescott Companies

“Health, love & happiness” – Dawn Livingston, GRG Management, Inc.

“To get rid of the Covid pandemic!” – Michelle Espinoza, Powerstone Property Management

“Positive happy today, tomorrow & always!” – Maria Miller, Niguel Shores Community Association

“49ers winning the Super Bowl” – Kelly Thompson, Action Property Management, Inc.

“Blessing of children” – Brenda P. Wesley, Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc.

“Erin GoBragh! May the luck of o’ the Irish be with us for another 30 years!” – Janine Weston, Hammer Real Estate

“Live music” – Rebecca McDonald, Walters Management

“Live life like there is no tomorrow. Never know what tomorrow will bring” – Christina Mercer, Powerstone Property Management

“Family’ – Salle Yerumyan, LBPM Properly Managed

“Covid almost over!” – Hugo Herrera, LBPM Properly Managed

“Continuing zoom meetings” – Catie Contreras, Action Property Management, Inc.

“Ukraine” – Jenny Mucha, Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association

“Life is beautiful and so are you!” – Julie Gould, Pernicano Realty & Management, Inc.

“Our friend of many years, we miss you Brenda!” – Nancy Blasco, Stone Kastle Community Management, Inc.

“For the next 30 years. Meow!” – Grace Babcock, The Management Trust

“Life!” – Christie Alviso, Stone Kastle Community Management, Inc.

“Cheers to waking up to another day” – Dee Rowe, Walters Management

“Happiness, health, love & life” – Deena Arvizu, Walters Management

“Unity & equality” – Leeann Polarek, Baldwin Real Estate Management

“Professionalism and growth in an amazingly important industry” – Kelly McGalliard, PGA West Residential Association, Inc.

“Peace and health for everyone!” – Angelica Chacana, LBPM Properly Managed

“Health & happiness for a better 2022!” – Carol Calhoun, Associa Desert Resort Management

“Being able to see all our colleagues again” – Jamie Kim, Walters Management

“The dog poop that will still be on the lawn on Monday” – Debbie Graffam, Next Step Community Management

“The house always wins!” – Alysia Dale, Powerstone Property Management

“Sun City Lincoln Hills!” – Staci Erksine, Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association

“Cheers to learning zoom!” – Tiffani Santiago

“A great dress!” – Kara Wright, Powerstone Property Management

“Waking up!” – Robert E. Sides, Regatta Seaside HOA

“A successful and healthy year to all of our friends, family & business partners!” – Ashley Herrera, Powerstone Property Management

“Living life” – Kimberly Harrigan, Camco Condominium Association Management Company

“Getting together!” – Maria Grant, The Management Trust

“More business account money!” – Marinel Castillo, LBPM Properly Managed

“Good times to come in future years” – Marilyn Smith, Powerstone Property Management

“Love each other” – Nicole Villegas, GRG Management, Inc.

“Covid is behind us!” – Jerry C. Storage, Desert Princess

“The amazing people that work in this industry. You are the reason I am able to do my job…seriously” – Vanessa Silva, The Management Trust

“Good health” – Miguel Torres, Powerstone Property Management

“Continual Growth” – Linda Sok, CondoServices

“30 more years” – Pam Cooper, Accell Property Management

“Life. Life is precious. Cherish every moment” – Amethyst Schy, The Management Trust

“God bless Ukraine” – Jerry McDonald, Coronado Shores Landscape & Recreation

“Life” – Amy Yankauskas, The Management Trust

“MLB coming back. Go Angels” – Mallory Whalen, Associa Equity Mangement & Realty Services

“Civility & restraint” – Devon Nichols, Powerstone Property Management

“Cheers to 30 years” – Kari Martin, The Management Trust

“30 years to CACM” – Brenda Baker, Condominium Management Services

“Pivot through 2022 – soar for the sky! The Sky’s the limit” – Amelia Marques, Huntington West Properties, Inc.

“Where would I be without you!” – Sheryl Kaonis-Rochon, EBMC

“Taking life to the next level. Surpassing all my wildest dreams” – Claire Hosking, Summit Property Management, Inc.

“Me & you” – Ana Ryustem, Interpacific Asset Management

“To those I loved & lost. Till we meet again” – Kathleen Wright, North Coast Village HOA

“Being in person again!” – Alyssa Carle, Powerstone Property Management