The following checklists have been compiled for boards and managers with the most significant statutory duties imposed on community associations. These checklists are condensed, so the reader must consult the statutes for important details. Most items include a citation to the statutes from which these duties are derived. We cannot guarantee that these checklists encompass all statutory obligations and certainly cannot address all contractual obligations or governing document duties which can and do vary widely.

While duties from the Corporations Code affect just incorporated associations, they might be used as guidance by a court in determining whether an unincorporated association has acted reasonably. There are now separate statutes that apply to associations that are primarily residential [CC §§4000-6150] versus those that are purely commercial and industrial [CC §§6500-6876]. See each statute for details. Provisions in these checklists citing to sections between 4000 and 6150 will apply only to associations that are not purely commercial or industrial.