Coronavirus Update: San Diego County Goes Back to Purple Tier

San Diego County has been reassigned from the red tier to the most restrictive purple tier in California’s color-coded system of coronavirus-related tiers. As the most restrictive tier out of the existing four, Tier 1 mandates the following by Friday, November 13:

  • Close all indoor operations at gyms, restaurants and places of worship.
  • Impose stricter capacity limits for indoor retailers.

For additional information on how various facilities and activities within your community association may be impacted in each tier please refer to our updated article available via our website:

– Updated Guidance on All Tier Restrictions Issued by State –

The tier your county has currently been assigned will determine what reopening restrictions are imposed on various businesses and activities. Please be aware that no matter the tier, all applicable industry guidance issued by the State, your local county and city officials, and the CDC must continue to be followed.

As of November 10, 2020, the State has assigned these tiers to the following counties*:

  • San Diego County: Tier 1, Widespread (purple)
  • Riverside County (no change): Tier 1 – Widespread (purple)
  • San Bernardino County (no change): Tier 1, Widespread (purple)
  • Los Angeles County (no change): Tier 1, Widespread (purple)
  • Orange County (no change): Tier 2, Substantial (red)
  • Kern County (no change): Tier 2, Substantial (red)

For information regarding the tier assigned to your county visit the California COVID-19 Safer-Economy webpage.

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