Got Emergency Rules? Read this if you want to keep them!

By Gordon A. Walters, Esq.

As we approach the three month mark since Governor Newsom issued the Stay at Home order on March 19, 2020, please remember that any emergency rules that were enacted are only effective for a maximum of 120 days, and may not be readopted under the emergency rules procedures.

If your association adopted emergency rules shortly after the Stay at Home order was issued and you wish to keep those rules in place, you should begin the process of notifying members and scheduling a meeting to adopt the rules.

The Civil Code requires a minimum of 28 days’ notice to members, so you likely will need to begin this process quickly to meet the deadlines.

Our article, Emergency Rules – Discretionary or Not Discretionary? That is the Question from our April 3, 2020 newsletter contains additional information. Should you need further information or assistance with this process, our attorneys are able to assist you upon request.

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