Update to Epsten, APC Resource Book: Civil Code §5200 (Hard Copies distributed before January 21, 2022)

Bills proposing new legislation are often written with language that addresses changes to the same laws as other pending bills and contain language to explain which new law applies if both bills are adopted during the same legislative session. This was the case with Senate Bill 432 and Senate Bill 392 regarding Association Records and Enhanced Association Records. The legislative counsel finalized the 2022 changes to the law on January 1, 2022 and interpreted which new language went into effect differently than we did when we published our 2022 Community Association Law Resource Book.

The correct language for Civil Code section 5200 has been updated on our website, the Digital Version of our Resource Book and the hard copies we have in our office pending distribution. However, if you received a hard copy version of our 2022 Community Association Law Resource Book on or prior to January 21, 2022, please download and print the updated statute from Civil Code §5200 to replace page 90 in your hard copy publication.

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Download the Correct Version of Civil Code section 5200
Formatted to print on letter size, 8.5×11 labels.