Membership/Owner Duties

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Resale Disclosure Statement

Owners must provide a completed statutory disclosure form to purchasers before reselling residential property. This also must be completed by a real estate agent, if any. The form is extensive and detailed and found in the statute. [Civ. Code §1102 et seq.; see e.g., §1102.6]

Smoke Detectors in Owner Units

Each owner must supply and install smoke detectors in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions in any unit intended for human occupancy. Each smoke detector must be operable at the time that any tenant occupies a unit and must be repaired if the tenant reports a problem. The association is responsible for installing, maintaining and testing smoke detectors in hallways, common stairwells, etc. [Health & Saf. Code §§13113.7 & 13113.8]

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Owner Units

Owners must install an approved carbon monoxide detector by July 1, 2011, in any single-family dwelling unit intended for human occupancy that has a fossil fuel burning heater or fireplace. For all other existing dwelling units intended for human occupancy, the deadline is January 1, 2013. [Health & Saf. Code §§17926-17926.2] Selling owners must disclose in the required form whether the unit being sold has a carbon monoxide detector. [Civ. Code §1102.6]

Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Caution for associations and owners: all single-family dwellings must replace noncompliant plumbing fixtures no later than January 1, 2014 or January 1, 2017, depending on factors specified in the statute. The date is January 1, 2019 for multi-family residential properties and commercial properties. Failure to provide proof of compliance could prevent the issuance of building permits. It is not clear if multi-family residential includes condominiums and attached planned development housing. See statute for details and disclosure duties. [Civ. Code §§1101.1 – 1101.9 and 1102.155] Flow rates of noncompliant fixtures are in California Civil Code section 1101.3. It may take additional legislation for clarification and for how an HOA that does not maintain, repair or replace plumbing fixtures could compel owner compliance.

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