Elisa Perez & Debora Zumwalt

Every community association needs effective policies and processes for collecting delinquent assessments. Epsten has a long track record in helping community association clients collect their members’ delinquent dues and understands both the sensitive nature of owner relations and the essential aspects of timely and effective collection of delinquencies.

As part of the legal consulting relationship, our firm assists association clients with preparation of a comprehensive written collection policy, provides guidance on association and manager adherence to the policy, and counsels clients on diligent pursuit of their policy’s specific procedures in taking collections actions.

Essentially there are three avenues for collecting delinquent assessments:

  1. a monetary judgment obtained through Small Claims Court;
  2. a nonjudicial foreclosure action; or
  3. a Superior Court action that produces a monetary judgment or foreclosure.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages and we will work with you to identify and successfully implement the best option for each collection situation.

Timely collection of assessment dues is essential to the financial well-being of your organization! For more information please contact our Assessment Recovery Department chair, Debora M. Zumwalt.

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