Leaking roofs and windows, plumbing problems, cracks in walls and foundations, and drainage problems are construction defects that unfortunately are all too common in multi-family residential communities. These problems constitute one of the most complex and potentially costly issues to be faced by a community association and its Board.

Ethics. Experience. Excellence. These are the qualities on which we have built our firm and the reasons that Epsten is recognized as one of the most reputable and competent law firms in the field of construction defect remediation. For more than 29 years we have resolved construction defect problems that threaten the physical and financial well-being of homeowners and their community associations and have recovered more than $250 million in repairs and damages for our clients.

Our construction defect attorneys are seasoned litigators who have dedicated entire careers to prosecuting design and construction defect cases. They can assist your association in resolving construction problems with builders and developers, guiding you through the timely resolution of issues through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation. While pursuing the fastest and most cost-effective resolution of the problem, we maintain a trial-ready posture throughout the negotiation process. By demonstrating a willingness to pursue and win a litigation settlement, we open avenues to resolving cases early and speeding the reconstruction process.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting construction contracts and specifications and selecting teams of professional contractors, which can be very valuable during the reconstruction process.

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