Both state and federal laws prohibit unlawful discrimination by community associations. In addition to claims based on disability, associations encounter other fair housing and civil rights issues (age, familial status, national origin, race, etc.). Attorneys at Epsten, APC are well-versed in dealing with fair housing matters. Our attorneys help draft policies and procedures to protect associations from discrimination claims and deal with accommodation requests. We provide counsel and representation in agency complaints and court actions arising from claimed violations of civil rights laws.

Senior housing compliance presents its own set of issues and priorities. Epsten, APC is able to provide legal guidance on matters specific to senior housing, including the enforcement of age restrictions, age verification, and dealing with conflicts over rule enforcement.

Our firm has a unique and highly qualified resource in this area of the law. The Chair of our Senior Communities Practice Group, Mary M. Howell, has advocated for the rights of 55+ and other senior housing for over 30 years. She has authored legal texts relating to age-restricted communities (including “A Resource Manual for California Senior Communities”) and has been recognized for her fair-minded efforts by state and local governments.

The Fair Housing practice group is chaired by Mary M. Howell

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