Q&A. Can management companies do anything about bad yelp reviews? Such as former employees posing/posting as a home owner?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of a negative Yelp review just because it does not represent your business in the best light. The only way to remove a review is if the review itself is deemed inappropriate by Yelp Terms of Service. (The review is flagged and awaits a determination by the reviewing platform itself). That said, there are certainly actions that can be taken for “damage control.” As a general rule of thumb, monitor all reviews (good, bad or ugly) and, if possible, respond in a positive manner. This will allow you to give context to the comments and also exhibit a level of concern, which goes a long way with other readers. If you suspect the review has been fabricated, respond in a way that makes the fabrication obvious. For example, ask for specific information or for more detail. The reviewer will have a hard time concealing the true facts if you engage in this type of dialogue, offering to remedy the situation if one truly exists. – Trinette S. Sachrison, Esq.