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Use the links below to download a digital copy of our Community Association Law Resource Book or use the form below to request any of our other electronic publications.

Davis-Stirling Act
Commercial & Industrial CID Act
Community Association Law Resource Book

If you are a Southern California community association client, manager or board president and would like to request a complimentary hard copy, please use the form below:

Davis-Stirling ActCommercial & Industrial CID ActCommunity Association Law Resource Book
Symposium Guide, DesertSymposium Guide, San Diego
Small Claims ManualInsurance ManualCalifornia Senior Communities Manual
How to be a Good Director: Beyond the Basics Handout
2018 Annual Budget Report and Annual Policy Statement
Social Media Use for Community Associations Template
Mini Book: ABC's of Parliamentary Procedure
Mini Book: How to Have Successful Meetings
Legal Lessons Materials and/or Templates (Please specify document requested)

*Please note: Due to the high demand for our Community Association Law Resource Book we may be unable to provide complimentary copies late in the year and/or to non-client board members and managers.