San Diego County Confirms Closure of Association Community Pools Until Further Notice

We are writing to update you regarding community association pool closures pursuant to State and/or County Orders. The State order explicitly restricts the opening of public pools. While until recently, San Diego County’s health orders had not specifically addressed the closure of pools. However, on May 9, 2020, San Diego County issued an Order specifically restricting “community pools” from opening.

On May 14, 2020, a representative of the San Diego County Public Health Department confirmed that the Order issued on May 9th applies to community association pools. Therefore, at this time, in accordance with the San Diego County Public Health Order, community association pools are to be closed until further notice or guidance from the State or County.

While your association’s pool is closed, we strongly recommend the board begin to consider changes that will need to be made when the State and County eventually allow community pools to reopen.

Your association should contact its pool vendor to discuss what disinfecting and sanitizing options are available to effectively prevent the transmission of any virus. We also recommend boards review the County’s Safe Reopening Plan (“SRP”) found here. Not all portions of the SRP may be applicable to your association, but it would be prudent to complete, implement, and post this form at your community pools when permitted to reopen.

The CDC recently issued guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfecting community pools, among other information. These guidelines can be helpful in developing your association’s new operation and sanitation protocols when reopening is permitted. The link can be found here.

Please be informed that State and local responses to COVID-19 are changing quickly, and our advice is based on facts and guidance available as of today. Future developments may change or render this advice outdated.

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