San Diego Small Claims Court Re-Opening

By Jillian M. Wright, Esq. & Dominique M. Morrow

The San Diego courts are reopening however, associations should expect delays, especially in Small Claims Court.

We are informed there are currently no Small Claims Court hearings going forward at this time. The Small Claims Court is tentatively looking into rescheduling the hearings that were set for March (when the court closed), beginning in August and then keep scheduling out from there. As an example, hearings originally set in April 2020 would now be for September 2020 and so on.

Associations can still submit brand new small claims filings but they will be set far out (possibly not until the end of this year) as they will have to be scheduled behind all the rescheduled hearings.

In addition, there are currently no walk-ins at the Small Claims Court business offices so in order to file a small claims complaint associations will have to mail the following items in, to the Clerk of the Small Claims Court:

  • the original signed complaint,
  • a copy of the complaint,
  • a self-addressed envelope, and
  • filing fees.

Our firm is assisting clients with any inquiries they may have regarding the preparation or filing of small claims complaints.


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