Statutes – New, Amended or Newly Added to Resource Book

Below is a listing of new or newly amended statutes for the 2022 legislative session effective January 1, 2023 unless otherwise noted.

The statutes identified with (‡) below are found in our online and Digital Version of our Community Association Law Resource Book only. Some amendments may contain primarily technical or editorial changes only.

For a complete listing please refer to our online Resource Book.


California Civil Code (Civ. Code)

California Civil Code (Civ. Code): Davis-Stirling Act

California Corporations Code (Corp. Code)

California Business and Professions Code (Bus. & Prof. Code)

California Code of Civil Procedure (Code Civ. Proc.)

California Government Code (Gov. Code)

California Health & Safety Code (Health & Saf. Code)

California Insurance Code (Ins. Code)

California Vehicle Code (Veh. Code)

11 U.S.C. (Title 11)