Statutes – New, Amended or Newly Added to Resource Book

The following statutes are new, amended or newly added to our 2017 Community Association Law Resource Book, app and website. The statutes identified with (‡) below are not in the printed copy of our 2017 Community Association Law Resource Book though they are on our more extensive digital version, on our app and on this website. The amendments in some of the sections identified below contain primarily technical or editorial changes.

California Civil Code (CC)

  • §51.3 Senior Citizen Housing in Counties other than Riverside (Amended by SB 1005 / Ch. 50) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • §51.11 Senior Citizen Housing in Riverside County (Amended by SB 1005 / Ch. 50) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • (‡)§2924c Mortgages: Fee Changes (Amended by SB 983 / Ch. 170) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • (‡)§2924d Fees and Costs Authorized After Recording Notice of Sale (Amended by SB 983 / Ch. 170)
  • (‡)§2924f Requirements for Notice of Sale (Amended by AB 2881 / Ch. 703)

California Civil Code (CC): Davis-Stirling Act

  • §4041 Annual Notice of Owner Information (Added by SB 918 / Ch. 780)
  • §4270 Declaration Amendment Requirements (Amended by SB 944/ Ch. 714) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • §4750.10 (Renumbered to §4753) Clothesline and Drying Racks; Where Permitted (Amended by SB 944/ Ch. 714) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • §4777 Notification of Pesticide Application (Added by AB 2362 / Ch. 330)
  • §5570 Required Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary (Amended by SB 944/ Ch. 714) (technical/stylistic changes)
  • §6000 Procedures Regarding Developer Defect Litigation (Amended by AB 1963 / Ch. 71) (Operative date extended to July 1, 2024) (technical/stylistic changes)

California Corporations Code (Corp. Code)

  • §7612 Voting Where Membership Stands on Record in Names of Two or More Persons (Amended by SB 1005 / Ch. 50) (technical/
    stylistic changes)

California Business and Professions Code (B&P Code)

  • (‡)§11212 Definitions (Amended by AB 685 / Ch. 177) (technical/stylistic changes)

California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP)

  • §116.540 Participation by Individuals Other than Plaintiff and Defendant; Corporations (Amended by SB 1005 / Ch. 50) (technical/stylistic
  • (‡)§527.6 Civil Harassment and Civil Restraining Order Sought by an Individual (Amended by SB 1171 / Ch. 86) (technical/stylistic changes)

California Government Code (Govt. Code)

  • §12926 Unlawful Employment Practices – Definitions (Amended by AB 488 / Ch. 683)
  • (‡)Ch. 1.1 (§§6080, 6081 & 6082)Publication of Notice in Public Notice Districts (Added by AB 2881 / Ch. 703)

California Code of Regulations (Cal. Code Reg.)

  • (‡)§3120B.2.2 Other Pools (technical/stylistic changes)

United States Code (U.S.C.)

  • (‡)§8003 Federal Swimming Pool and Spa Drain Cover Standard



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