Susan M. Hawks McClintic


Managing Shareholder
Transactional Department Chair

Practice Areas

Community Association Counsel
Commercial CID


University of Notre Dame School of Law, 1983

Affiliations and Memberships

State Bar of California
San Diego County Bar Association
Community Associations Institute (CAI)
California Association of Community Managers (CACM)


Susan M. Hawks McClintic, Esq. is known for giving practical, commonsense advice without the legalese. Sue joined Epsten, APC, in October 1990 and became a shareholder in 1999. She has supervised the firm’s transactional law department since 2008 and was named co-managing shareholder in August 2014. Sue graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School and grew up in Nebraska so she is a big football fan!

During her more than thirty year career in community association law, Sue has developed a special expertise in document interpretation, amendments, and restatements. Sue speaks regularly throughout the Community Association industry, and each fall is a featured speaker at the Epsten, APC Legal Symposium where she educates an audience of more than 600 clients and guests on newly passed laws that affect Common Interest Developments.

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  • Events & Speaking Engagements

    CACM Executive Summit @ Loews Coronado Bay Resort
    May 20 – May 21 all-day

    Register today to join shareholders Susan M. Hawks McClintic, Kieran J. Purcell, and Bill S. Budd at CACM’s Executive Leadership Summit.

    This exclusive event is designed for management company decision makers. The collaborative atmosphere provides executives with the freedom to discuss challenging issues in an effort to find creative and collective solutions for the future of our industry.

    Be part of rich conversations among peers who are committed to defining the future of our industry. Share, brainstorm and collaborate in an innovative and thought-provoking setting, while developing valuable new connections.

    CAI National Annual Conference & Expo @ Las Vegas, NV
    Aug 16 – Aug 21 all-day

    Join Susan Hawks McClintic in Las Vegas for CAI National’s annual conference and expo. Register here.

    I love walking to the Ocean Beach pier to take photos of the sunset. Walking and being out on the pier is very peaceful for me.

    In my less peaceful moments, I love live music. I like rock music both old and new. Rock on!

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