The Senate passed SB 323, Now What?

The Senate passed SB 323 and it is now in the Assembly, where it will be voted on by the Housing Committee. SB 323 prohibits an Association from establishing qualifications for Board Members and adds a number of requirements that are unnecessary. SB 323 attempts to create another one-size fits all approach to California homeowner association governance. Follow this link to watch a short video where Louie Brown, Jr., CAI-CLAC’s Legislative Advocate shares what you need to know about SB 323 and our next steps to defeat this bill.

Here’s how YOU can help!

  1. Vote NO on SB 323. You can send a pre-drafted letter to the Assembly Housing Committee at
  2. Share this information with your community and help inform them about the harmful impacts of SB 323.
  3. Like and share our CAI-CLAC’s posts to help reach more people.