Developers of high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings employ commercial construction building techniques that include highly technical processes and complicated structural components. Defects in these buildings can be a real challenge for community associations faced with repairing these problems. Knowledge of current construction techniques and the ability to thoroughly examine the technical details of each case is crucial.

Our multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and construction industry experts has extensive experience investigating and litigating complex condominium tower construction defect cases in California. We have successfully and expeditiously resolved problems such as water intrusion through roofs, walls and decks and defects in the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural components of condominium towers.

Condominium tower dwellers can face serious problems that can be a burden to all residents and erode the homeowner’s investment if not fully resolved. With more than $250 million in settlements and trial verdicts awarded to clients, Epsten has demonstrated an enviable record of helping community associations protect their members’ investment.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience negotiating and drafting construction contracts and specifications and selecting teams of professional contractors, which can be very valuable during the reconstruction process.

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