Civil Code §4285. Condominium Plan Contents

California Civil Code  >   Part 5. Common Interest Developments (Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act)  >  Chapter 3. Governing Documents  > Article 4. Condominium Plan  >  Civil Code §4285. Condominium Plan Contents
 A condominium plan shall contain all of the following:
 (a) A description or survey map of a condominium project, which shall refer to or show monumentation on the ground.
 (b) A three-dimensional description of a condominium project, one or more dimensions of which may extend for an indefinite distance upwards or downwards, in sufficient detail to identify the common area and each separate interest.
 (c) A certificate consenting to the recordation of the condominium plan pursuant to this act that is signed and acknowledged as provided in Section 4290. [2012 – Based on former §1351(€

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