Cal. Code Reg. §65551. Cleaning of Ancillary Facilities.

California Code of Regulations (Cal. Code Reg.): Title 22 – Social Security  >   Cal. Code Reg. §65551. Cleaning of Ancillary Facilities.

(a) The pool operator shall keep clean and free of slime, algae, litter, and vermin all ancillary facilities, including, but not limited to, showers, toilets, dressing facilities, drinking fountains, diaper-changing stations, floors, walls, partitions, doors, and lockers.
(b) Except for deck showers, all showers provided for pool users as required by Chapter 31B, Title 24, California Code of Regulations shall have soap in dispensers or containers.
(c) For toilet facilities, toilet tissue, handwashing soap, and paper towels or hot air blowers shall be provided in permanently installed dispensing devices.
(d) The pool operator shall provide and maintain, in a clean and sanitary condition, a minimum of one waste receptacle in each toilet facility.
(e) Wooden slats, duckboards, and footbaths are prohibited.