Use of Timers to Stay on Schedule During Board Meetings

By Tiffany L. Christian, CDMP, PCM

One of the key components to running an efficient board meeting is to start on time and end on time. Easy enough, right? Well, we know that is not always the case.

Although most of us are meeting experts, the one challenge many of us face is when discussion goes on too long. Whether it’s discussion on an agenda item, homeowner forum or otherwise – it is difficult to interrupt someone when they are passionate about their topic and wont allow you or anyone else to get a word in edgewise.

So, here is an age-old pro-tip, with a techy twist… Use a (web) TIMER!

Meeting virtually? Even better! Open your web browser, search “Google Timer,” (or any other web browser you like), enter your time limit for the discussion at hand, click on the full-screen icon and share your screen via the virtual meeting platform.

As long as you notify your participants in advance that timers will be used to stay on schedule, you are golden. When the timer goes off their time is up.

If the meeting is virtual and they continue to speak, give them a courtesy 5 seconds and then take advantage of the “mute” audio feature.

You’re welcome. We are always here to help!
– Epsten, APC