AB 3182 (Rental Restrictions) Chaptered!

By Dea C. Franck, Esq.

Today Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 3182 (“AB 3182”) which will become effective January 1, 2021.

Among other things, AB 3182 amends Civil Code section 4740 and adds a new section 4741 to the Civil Code. The new section 4741 provides that an owner of a separate interest in a common interest development (“CID”) will not be subject to a governing document provision that prohibits, has the effect of prohibiting, or unreasonably restricts the renting or leasing of a separate interest, accessory dwelling units (“ADU”), or junior accessory dwelling unit (“JADUs”) to a renter, tenant or lessee. section 4741 will allow CIDs to adopt or enforce governing document provisions which prohibit transient occupancy or short term rentals of separate interests for 30 days or less. However, section 4741 will prohibit CIDs from:

  • Adopting or enforcing a governing document provision that restricts the rental or lease of separate interests in the community to less than 25% of the separate interests regardless of when the provision was adopted (adopting or enforcing governing document provisions authorizing a higher percentage of separate interests to be rented or leased are allowed).
  • Treating ADUs and JADUs as separate interests.
  • Counting a residence as being occupied by a tenant, if the separate interest, ADU or JADU is also occupied by the owner.

Section 4741 will require CIDs to comply with the new law on and after January 1, 2021, regardless of what their governing documents provide. However, CIDs are required to amend their governing documents to conform to the requirements of this new law no later than December 31, 2021. This new law does not provide an exception to the membership approval requirements for any CC&R amendments necessary to comply with this new law. Section 4741 also states that a CID which “willfully violates” this law, including the governing document amendment requirements, shall be liable to the applicant or other party for actual damages and shall pay a civil penalty to the applicant or other party in an amount not to exceed $1,000.

In addition to the above, AB 3182 also requires local agencies to magisterially approve an application for a building permit within a residential or mixed use zone to create one ADU and one JADU per lot so long as certain building requirements are met. Moreover, AB 3182 provides that if a local agency has not acted upon a completed application for the creation of an ADU and/or a JADU within sixty (60) days, the application is deemed approved.

AB 3182 may cause sweeping changes to your community. Please consult with your community’s legal counsel for additional guidance regarding how AB 3182 may affect your community and what your community needs to do to comply.


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